possible mistyping

Robert-André Mauchin zebob.m at pengzone.org
Sun Sep 28 23:19:15 BST 2008

Andrew Krivosheev a écrit :
>   Hello everyone!
>   I'm working on Russian translation of template "serverguide" in
> Ubuntu Intrepid package "ubuntu-docs".
>   In particular, I've met the following string, located in
> ../generic/serverguide/C/security.xml:508(para) :
> "This is a quick introduction to using
> <application>ufw</application>. Please refer to the
> <application>ufw</application> man page for more information."
>   My question is - what is "man page"? Is this some kind of mistyping
> of "main page"?
>   Your help in greatly appreciated as I'm absolutely new to Ubuntu
> community :)

Hi Andrew,

No typo here, a "man page" refers to the command line tool "man", which 
provide documentation for near every tool under linux.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_pages for more information.

> P.S. Please, can anyone correct me if sending to
> ubuntu-translators at lists.ubuntu.com is the wrong way of notifying of
> such things?

This is the correct list for translation problems and such errors. 
However you should have asked to your translation team before, "man 
pages" is a very common term, and teams are here to answer to such 



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