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Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Fri Oct 24 14:02:24 BST 2008

Gabor Kelemen wrote:

> I understand that, but
> -the problem still exists
> -then it should be solved some other way: how about grabbing the
> translations exported for language packs, putting them back into the
> last sources and recompiling only with this change?

That's still a pretty long feedback cycle!  You're talking about days at 
minimum, probably much longer before a newly translated message can make 
it back in.  Most of this involves how the packages are built (just 
outside my daily field of view, so I can't say much about it), but you 
mention server and developer time and obviously those are limited.  So 
unless this turns out to have a really simple solution, we would have to 
opt not to do other things that many people will want instead.  The fact 
that Soyuz, Translations, and Ubuntu are all involved could increase the 
engineering cost a lot.

>> So given that, the cycle really should go through upstream. 
> Even the ubuntu-specific gconf schema descriptions? :)

Obviously not, and I hope at some point we can start looking at 
supporting more of those things directly in Launchpad Translations.  But 
for something like a list of cities in libgweather, I imagine it's 
better for both upstream and Ubuntu if Ubuntu translations become 
upstream contributions than effectively having them live outside Launchpad!

> Yeah, personally, I hate them too. Perhaps we could declare intltool
> evil and start an anti-xml, anti-custom-formats campaign at conferences
> or something ;).

Hmm...  "Have you devised your own XML translation format yet?  Then 
what are you doing at a party for adults?"


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