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Gabor Kelemen kelemeng at
Thu Oct 23 15:40:11 BST 2008

Jeroen Vermeulen írta:
> Gabor Kelemen wrote:
>> The gweather location's translations are taken from an xml file, which
>> is filled with translations at compile time. Launchpad however doesn't
>> seem to export and put translations back to the sources before compiling
>> the package, so updated translations are not used at all if they should
>> go into xml files.
> That sounds like a circular dependency: we get the translations from the
> built package in the first place.  Building packages, importing
> translations, and exporting translations are all huge jobs that need to
> run independently.  So we can't stop the build somewhere in the middle
> to import the translations, export them together with Launchpad changes,
> integrate them into the package, and continue the build.  The cycle is
> just too long for that.

I understand that, but
-the problem still exists
-then it should be solved some other way: how about grabbing the
translations exported for language packs, putting them back into the
last sources and recompiling only with this change?

I know that this is a lot of work for LP devs to implement and even more
for the build machines, but I think it's worth it.

> So given that, the cycle really should go through upstream. 

Even the ubuntu-specific gconf schema descriptions? :)

Furthermore, this would kill the whole point of Launchpad Translations,
which is (IMHO) the possibility to finish our translations after release
of upstream sources. There are simply too many packages to update,
sometimes they even change in the last minute, etc.

So please don't say this.

>> That affects lots of other packages, like xkeyboard-config[1],
>> compiz-fusion-plugins, gcompris, xscreensaver - just to name some. And
>> the .schemas files for gnome programs using gconf are xmls too.
> I don't suppose the fact that it's XML matters much: the underlying
> problem is a combination of custom formats and bidirectional feedback in
> the build procedure.

Yeah, personally, I hate them too. Perhaps we could declare intltool
evil and start an anti-xml, anti-custom-formats campaign at conferences
or something ;).

Gabor Kelemen

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