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Kenneth Nielsen k.nielsen81 at
Thu Oct 23 08:42:26 BST 2008

> Hi folks,
> With the Ubuntu 8.10 release candidate coming up, efforts are underway to
> flesh out the release notes so that our early adopters get useful
> information when clicking that link from within the live CD installer.  And
> a part of that is that we would like to have the release notes translated as
> widely as possible.
> Draft release notes for Ubuntu 8.10 are available at
> <>.  While these are not yet
> final, I expect that all the issues documented there will be included in the
> final release notes.

I just started the Danish translation. Make sure to inform us of
changes, since tracking changes by comparing two wikipages in
different languages is a pain.
Regards Kenneth Nielsen

> Please use<langcode> for your
> translations, and coordinate with Matthew Nuzum
> <matthew.nuzum at> (cc:ed), when you are ready to have these
> translations linked from the Ubuntu website.
> Thanks,
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