Current Intrepid translation issues page

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Wed Oct 22 08:48:02 BST 2008

David Planella wrote:

> based on Timo Jyrinki's recent e-mail encouraging translators to
> report issues, I have created a page in the "TranslatingUbuntu" space
> listing the current l10n problems on Intrepid ->
> Please feel free to extend it, improve it or report any issues which
> you think might affect all Ubuntu translation teams.

Great initiative!  I added a note about what happened to the gweather 
ones: they were taking ages to import, blocking out other imports that 
were probably more important.

Also, I'm told that this particular translation is not done using 
gettext, so it's not clear that any translations from Launchpad would 
really be used by the package.  Definitive information about that welcome.


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