new strings in ubuntu-docs

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Thu Oct 16 14:58:23 BST 2008

Matthew East wrote:

> Ok, fine. I've noticed that the queue has 1115 po files marked as
> "Failed": these look like the po files which were uploaded with the
> ubuntu-docs package. Any idea why these failed?

Most of them simply didn't have the revision dates in their headers 
updated, which should mean they had no changes.  It's not necessarily a 
real failure, but it's reported as one on the assumption that it may be 
a mistake.  Once a file has been imported successfully, its entry is 
cleaned up.

The rest are "string not terminated" cases.  These are usually from 
carriage returns inside quotes: whether we should read those as newlines 
depends on the platforms of the people who edited the file, but 
apparently there's one platform out there that uses both line feed *and* 
carriage return, confusing everybody.  I guess on a regular platform 
it's easy to insert a closing quote between the two by accident.

Here they are, with the location of the first error:

Template		Lang	Line
about-ubuntu		el	103
about-ubuntu		ka	46
about-ubuntu		pl	191
about-ubuntu		ru	343
about-ubuntu		sl	192
about-ubuntu		zh_CN	300
add-applications	et	51
add-applications	ka	419
add-applications	pt	226
add-applications	zh_HK	132
administrative		et	214
administrative		he	211
advanced-topics		ur	49
basic-commands		gl	282
basic-commands		ja	78
basic-commands		nb	66
basic-commands		nl	59
basic-commands		zh_CH	735
config-desktop		pt_BR	151
config-desktop		zh_CN	136
desktop-effects		he	147
desktop-effects		ja	230
games			es	109
games			ms	107
games			ro	187
games			sc	166
games			zh_CN	229
internet		en_AU	179
internet		et	1503
internet		fi	704
internet		ka	64
internet		ro	1701
internet		zh_TW	147
keeping-safe		gl	522
keeping-safe		hu	560
keeping-safe		sk	296
musicvideophotos	ru	1758
office			es	654
office			it	31
office			ml	27
office			nl	174
printing		hu	320
printing		ja	488
programming		tr	491
serverguide		en_GB	10248
serverguide		it	335
serverguide		ja	86
serverguide		mk	434
serverguide		ps	5896
serverguide		pt	2892
serverguide		pt_BR	929
serverguide		ru	7774
windows			bg	135
windows			pt_BR	2272


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