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Matthew East mdke at
Wed Oct 15 08:30:22 BST 2008


On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 9:06 PM, Matthew East <mdke at> wrote:
> As for translations, in past releases we have traditionally tended to
> download translations at the LanguagePackTranslationDeadline (in this
> case 23 October) rather than the earlier deadline. In particular given
> the recent problems, I think we should do that again, I'll clear it
> with the release team. That will give translators at least an extra
> few days.

Just to confirm what will happen for ubuntu-docs translations this release:

Translations will be exported from Launchpad after 12:00 GMT on Sunday
19 October 2008. This gives translators an extra 3-4 days to complete
translations. The translations will then be reviewed and uploaded to
Ubuntu 8.10 by Thursday 23 October. That extra time is needed to go
through all of the translations and fix any broken xml tags, which
always takes up a lot of time each release.

Jeroen: there are still 4 pot files to be imported and over 1000 po
files: what are the chances these will all be done by Sunday 19?

Matthew East
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