New modules for Intrepid?

David Planella david.planella at
Mon Oct 13 21:48:01 BST 2008

Hi Milo,

2008/10/13 Milo Casagrande <milo_casagrande at>:
> Yes, they are coming from GNOME, and that's the problem too!
> Launchpad doesn't handle, AFAIK, documentation translations. You can
> translate a document in Launchpad, but the translation will always stay
> there (apart, obviously, from the ubuntu-doc templates) and will never
> be used in the final package.

Hmm, I'm not sure about that, but maybe someone more knowledgeable on
those modules can clarify this. The way I understand it is that those
documentation modules will make it to the package. The only problem I
see there is the usual one: the upstream translations are not locked
and anything translated in Rosetta will not be given back to upstream.
But that's something we are already used to deal with, and our current
policy (and I believe that of many other translation teams) is not to
touch anything from Rosetta in those cases and do the translation
exclusively upstream.

BTW, here is some other similar case of gnome upstream docs, and the
way I understand it is handled in a similar way to the ubuntu-docs
(i.e. translations make it to the distribution), other than the fact
that the template comes from upstream GNOME:


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