App-install-data-ubuntu now available for translation

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Sun Oct 12 17:43:56 BST 2008

> Is this going to be a langpack or should we treat it as a non-langpack?

AFAIK langpack, but I'm not a developer of gnome-app-install as such.
In other words, ubuntu-docs / debian-installer translation should be
priority until next Thursday if you have something left to translate

2008/10/12 David Planella <david.planella at>:
> In addition to Milo's question, is there a Debian equivalent to this?
> What I mean is, do we have to take care of coordinating the
> translation with Debian, or is this simply a package where Ubuntu is
> upstream?

I'd say Ubuntu is pretty much the upstream. Debian (or anything else)
doesn't have a systematic way of translating .desktop files, instead
(real application) .desktop translations should all be delivered to
real upstreams individually. On the other hand, a huge pile of the
.desktop translations in app-install-data-ubuntu are for .desktop
files which have been fake-generated just for gnome-app-install's
usage since there is no corresponding desktop item anyway (for example
the GStreamer packages which are just libraries).

While going through the app-install-data-ubuntu, I found that some
real application .desktop were included, and not translated even
though it is translated in the corresponding package - Freeciv for
example. For many others, the correct translation was suggested but
not automatically used. I'm not sure if the .pot file generation
currently is optimal, but most importantly it will let us translate
some important entries in gnome-app-install anyway.

There is however
- so like with update-notifer and update-manager, translations
generated at Launchpad should be at some point exported by the
developer for the Debian package, or alternatively the developer
should be poked to do this.

Ubuntu-developed packages have not had translations exported
optimally, seen in eg. bug reports of update-notifier etc. in Debian,
but I'd think the translation exports should anyway be done mostly by
the developer or Debian package maintainer, ie. all translations at


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