Firefox localization problems

Milo Casagrande milo_casagrande at
Wed Oct 8 22:31:00 BST 2008


Il giorno mer, 08/10/2008 alle 21.58 +0200, David Planella ha scritto:
> I have just submitted this bug [1] to Firefox, since after the latest
> language package updates it is not longer localized on my system. A
> member of our translation team has also confirmed this on two other
> computers.
> I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same and
> thought it might be appropriate to post it on this list.

Same problem for the Italian and we reported a bug [1] too, but
initially we thought it was only Italian related. Looks like it's not.

I'm also using the PPA archives for translations, but this didn't happen
with some old proposed packages...


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