Call for intrepid translations

Bruno Patri bruno.patri at
Sat Oct 4 10:19:19 BST 2008

Le Saturday 04 October 2008 01:12:57 Steve Langasek, vous avez écrit :
> Dear friends,
> Now that the Intrepid beta release is out, this is a good time for some
> translation focus on Ubuntu 8.10.
> shows
> Spanish, British English, and French in the lead - no surprise there! - but
> even these leaders are showing less complete translations in the past;
> Spanish is only 90% translated, British English is 81% translated, and
> French is at 80%.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reminder. For now there's a huge amount of .po files in import 
queue, especially for KDE and GNOME. So the actual amount of translated 
strings will be slightly different. 

Like many other teams we (French translators) only work on Ubuntu specific apps 
and documentation. We can not start our work while ubuntu-docs templates are 
not imported in Rosetta, and obviously we'll not have enough time to do this 
before language-pack freeze, but we'll try do to our best...


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