ubuntu-docs updates for translation into Intrepid

Danilo Šegan danilo at canonical.com
Thu Oct 2 09:40:11 BST 2008

Hi Matthew,

У сре, 01. 10 2008. у 12:57 +0100, Matthew East пише:

> I can't help as to when these templates will be available in Launchpad
> though. Based on what Ricardo said, it it doesn't seem like any
> templates have been processed by Launchpad since 4 August 2008.

We've got a bunch of duplicate ubuntu-docs templates in the queue (all
with differing paths).  It's very likely that the paths under which
Ubuntu packages provide POT files are different from what you use, so we
have no idea which ones are the 'real' ones.

For example, in our database we've got an add-applications.pot with a
path of


(or eg. server-guide prefixed with "generic/" instead of "ubuntu/") yet
import queue[1] uses:


So, my guess is that source package has been changed in this way (eg.
assuming a split between kubuntu and ubuntu docs into separate source
packages or something similar), but nobody has manually updated the
paths.  I've done that now for ubuntu-docs, but interestingly enough
kubuntu-docs is even more confusing (we've got both templates prefixed
with "kubuntu/" and "docs/" and without any prefixes, and when looking
at both, it probably confused us about ubuntu-docs as well).

I tried pinging you the other day on IRC, but then got busy with other
stuff. Anyway, if there's anyone who can help us resolve the situation
with *ubuntu-docs, I guess it's you, so feel free to get in touch and
we'll look into solving everything live.



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