Is the Intrepid LP translations import sadness over?

Kenneth Nielsen k.nielsen81 at
Thu Nov 13 07:16:44 UTC 2008

Thank for the update.

2008/11/12 alan brande <alanbrande at>

> I speak english and spanish, if you want i can help you to translate
> somethink.

Hey Alan
I wasn't in particular asking for volounteers since I assume that most
people on the ubuntu-translators list is already translators. Anyway, if you
want to help I suggest that you send a seperate email to the list explaining
that you would like to help and explaining your language skills.
Regards Kenneth Nielsen

> 2008/11/12, Kenneth Nielsen <k.nielsen81 at>:
>> Hey everybody
>> I'm sorry of this info has already been posted, but I have not had time to
>> keep up with the e-mail list.
>> I just wanted to know, are all intrepid translations now up to date i.e.
>> fully imported from upstream and from hardy?
>> If they are then I can ask "my" translators to start translating again,
>> without worrying about lost work?
>> Regards Kenneth Nielsen
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