Important Launchpad news: removal of non-BSD licenced translations

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Wed Nov 12 17:21:47 GMT 2008


Removing non-BSD licensed translations from Launchpad

On Tuesday, November 18th at around 14.00 UTC we are going to
remove all the translations made in Launchpad by people who have
chosen not to relicense their translations under the BSD license.

There's more about why we now require that translations are
licensed under the BSD here:

If you have previously disagreed with license terms, you may have
seent hat you can no longer edit translations in Launchpad.
Instead you get read-only access.

Once we remove the translations made by people who have explicitly
disagreed with the licensing change, all Launchpad-provided
translations will be available to share and re-use in the maximum
number of other projects.

Upstream translations appearing in suggestions are clearly marked with
warning icons explaining how you can determine if a translation is
legally reusable or not. They are not affected by the removal.


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