Is the Intrepid LP translations import sadness over?

Arne Goetje arne.goetje at
Wed Nov 12 13:40:51 GMT 2008

Kenneth Nielsen wrote:
> Hey everybody
> I'm sorry of this info has already been posted, but I have not had time
> to keep up with the e-mail list.
> I just wanted to know, are all intrepid translations now up to date i.e.
> fully imported from upstream and from hardy?
> If they are then I can ask "my" translators to start translating again,
> without worrying about lost work?

Yes, I'm pleased to inform you that we are back on track. The imports
are in and translations from Hardy have been synced on Friday last week.
We are currently building new language-pack-base packages for all
languages. They are in the ubuntu-langpack PPA
(deb intrepid main).
Some packages are still building, so in a few hours you can try them out
(most languages are finished already) and report back problems you find
(I hope none...). If they look acceptable (especially for KDE), we will
copy them over to intrepid-proposed soon.

Regarding Rosetta: yes, you can finally continue to translate. :)

Thanks a lot for your patience.


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