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Matthew East mdke at
Sat Mar 15 11:47:50 GMT 2008

Hi David,

On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 11:43 AM, David Planella
<david.planella at> wrote:
>  I've got a couple of questions, related to FF, ubuntu-docs and gnome-user-docs:
>  * Once the necessay changes you are mentioning are made, which is the
>  preferred form for them to be included? Should we sent a patch
>  directly to you?

Patch or whole html file on the bug report is best.

>  * Is Firefox supposed to be localised already in Hardy? I've recently
>  checked it on my Hardy installation and at least for the Catalan
>  locale everything is still in English.

That's this bug (please confirm it if you can):

>  * Regarding your e-mail on launchpad-users [1], if I understand it
>  correctly, there are going to be gnome-user-docs templates in Rosetta
>  for Hardy, aren't there?


Matthew East
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