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Am Donnerstag, den 26.06.2008, 21:31 +0200 schrieb Milo Casagrande:
> Il giorno mer, 18/06/2008 alle 12.30 +0200, Danilo Šegan ha scritto:
> > Mark also had a nice idea of having a review-template (containing
> > common terms, constructions, and problematic cases). Reviewers
> > would point people at it, prospective translators would provide their
> > translations, and reviewers could easily evaluate their translation
> > abilities.  If only somebody would spend time preparing such a POT file :)
> That's an interesting idea Danilo... I could try to find some time and
> take a look at how to do it during the coming summer...
> But why not having a small application like "Hello World!" for
> "developers", a "Hello Translator!" (with a small doc too maybe) with
> which wannabe translators can train? So to have different casistics:
> tooltips, menus, buttons, radio-bottons, plural forms...

Danilo, how could we reset the translation and the suggestions in

One of our translators would also like to work on this.

I just registered a project called translation-school and the
corresponding team translation-school-hackers. 

The source code repository contains skeletons for a python application,
documentation and text examples. Each one will use its own po template.
Furthermore an update-po and create-tarball script are included.

It should not be very hard to add a small GTK user interface for the
example application and get it shipped in Universe. So a new translator
could easily run the application on his or her system and browse the


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