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Neskie Manuel neskiem at
Fri Jun 20 22:07:12 BST 2008


I've started a new wiki page TranslatingUbuntu/NewLanguages.   It's
bare bones and probably full of grammatical errors, but It captures
the essence of where I want to go with this page.   I'm by no means an
expert on all these subsystems and components so please correct me if
I'm wrong.

For most of my work to improve the support for Secwepemctsin I have
been submitting it upstream first and then creating a bug in launchpad
after it has been accepted upstream.  Sometimes a package will have
the new version with my work and sometimes so they have to patch an
older version.  Would that be a ood workflow to follow?

There are many issues with indigenous peoples and localization.  There
are many problems on top of the ones Timo mentioned.  Some are:
different calendars, regional spelling differences within countries,
different orthographies.

It's a lot of work to do this, but it's well worth doing if it
preserves the linguistic diversity for future generations.


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