Rosetta-Feedback - UDS Prague

Aitor Morena valsum at
Wed Jun 18 12:37:46 BST 2008

Kennet Nielsen wrote:
"I think you are missing an important point here. There are _many_
upstream translators/translation teams that consider reviewing
translations, even those done by seasoned translators, as a integral
part of the translation process, that is absolutely necessary to reach
a high quality output. E.g. _all_ translations submitted to the GNOME
SVN for the Danish language has been reviewed, indenpendently of the
translator. We don't want to comprimise our standards for quality in
Ubuntu, hence what we need is a way to quickly review, _not_
"correct", a translation, because if we correct them ourselves then
translator will not learn anything and the reviewers will have to keep
correcting the same things."

What about Rosetta sending an email to last translation indicating the
correction then? Just an (obvious) idea.

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