ANN: Nightmonkey - new project to help the translation of package descriptions

Gabor Kelemen kelemeng at
Wed Aug 27 16:46:44 BST 2008

Hi all

The Ubuntu-l10n-hu team proudly presents it's newest development, called 

What is Nightmonkey?

Nightmonkey is a simple tool to generate html files, which contain links 
to translatable package descriptions of the packages, which are 
installable via gnome-app-install.
This way, a translation team can see and translate in the vast DDTP 
templates _exactly_ those package's descriptions, which are visible by 
the users of gnome-app-install.


We consider these descriptions more important than others, as g-a-i's 
target audience are the less experienced users, who "only want to 
install some programs" and don't care about the details, for such users 
(at least in Hungary), translated descriptions are more valuable. 
Focusing translation efforts on such strings is a good idea, isn't it :)?


For more information about download, usage, etc. see the project page 

Gabor Kelemen

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