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Matthew East mdke at
Wed Sep 12 21:06:57 BST 2007


On 12/09/2007, Danilo Šegan <danilo at> wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> Today at 12:36, Matthew East wrote:
> > I'm not sure how it's possible just to insert ubuntu-specific changes
> > in Launchpad: that would be quite difficult I think.
> Yeah, it would be far from trivial on your side.  You'd basically have
> to create a PO file which would contain Ubuntu changes exclusively.
> But, if you organise your .xml files in a slightly different way
> (eg. use <xinclude> to include the Ubuntu changes), it should be
> fairly straight-forward: just run xml2po on those files, and use that
> as a POT to upload on Launchpad.

The problem is that the Ubuntu changes aren't really suitable for
using <xinclude>. They range from really small changes (menu path
changes) to really big ones (complete reorganisation of the
accessibility guide). Also, we'll probably remove text, and generally
do other things that we can't use xinclude for.

> Then, when building translated documentation, you'd first merge all
> the downloaded PO files from Launchpad with the ones from the package:
>   msgcat --use-first sr/sr.po launchpad-pos/sr.po > new-sr.po

Can this technique be used or modified even if we don't create
separate ubuntu-changes pot templates? So, if we build pot templates
using the existing gnome-user-docs build system and upload them to
Rosetta, those will have the new strings, and translators can
translate them. Then, we can slip the po files into the directory
structure as they are now, and the xml can be built using the existing
build process.

The only tricky part is merging new translations from upstream: is
there a way to do this? So, if I use "bzr merge" from upstream and get
a conflict, is there a way to merge the updated po files?

> > Based on the
> > feedback so far, I propose to upload the whole pot templates for
> > gnome-user-docs/gnome2-accessibility-guide and
> > gnome-user-docs/gnome2-user-guide (which will include the Ubuntu
> > changes) together with the upstream translations which are already
> > present in the package, and then import any amended po files from
> > Rosetta. Hopefully bzr is clever enough to merge any additional
> > changes to po files in upstream svn too.
> Well, another reason for allowing GNOME manual translations using
> Launchpad is that translations there are lacking.  I do, however,
> understand that those teams with very succesful teams (yeah Daniel,
> talking about you :) need no such help, but others might indeed need
> and want it.

Yeah, I think we should do this if we can.

Matthew East
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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