broken translations in ubuntu-docs

Matthew East mdke at
Thu Oct 4 15:42:05 UTC 2007

On 04/10/2007, Daniel Nylander <po at> wrote:
> Matthew East skrev:
> >> I found a problem in the Swedish translations. There seems to be a lot
> >> of strings with links that include \" instead of just a single "
> >> Does this sound like a problem?
> >
> > Is it producing an error during transformation into xml or validation
> > of the xml? If not, I'm not worried. It sounds to me like this is the
> > way that strings are broken over lines in po files.
> The output seems OK. I have built all documents without errors.
> It's mainly strings that include "http://.. being \"http://..

It sounds to me like this is needed in the po file to escape the
inverted commas and prevent it being considered as the end of the
string. I wouldn't remove it from the po file if I were you, unless
you see it in the converted xml and it is causing a problem.

Matthew East
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