Gabor Kelemen kelemeng at
Thu Oct 4 15:50:09 BST 2007

Vladimer Sichinava írta:
> The string:
> #: ../capplets/appearance/data/
> msgid ""
> "<b>E_xtra:</b> Provides more aesthetically pleasing set of effects.
> Requires "
> "faster computer."

This string is not the untranslated one on your screenshot, note the last words.

The template uploaded on 09.28 and still in import queue:

contains the updated string with the "graphics-card." ending. I see some hope that it will be imported before the 
deadline :). For example, my displayconfig-gtk translation, uploaded on 09.21, will be imported in a few hours, so what 
could I say - go import queue, go!.

Gabor Kelemen

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