Call for gutsy translations

Yannig MARCHEGAY yannick.marchegay at
Wed Oct 3 12:23:50 UTC 2007

Bruno Patri wrote:
> 2007/10/3, Yannig MARCHEGAY <yannick.marchegay at>:
>> Steve Langasek wrote:
>>> The deadline for non-language pack translations (such as for the installer,
>>> Firefox, and debconf templates) is right around the corner on October 4, and
>>> the deadline for language pack translations is also not far away on October
>>> 11.  The full timeline for the Gutsy release can be found at
>>> for your reference.
>> Firefox is not translatable yet in Launchpad, how can we do then?
> Hi Yannig,
> Firefox is translated by upstream teams. If you want to translate
> Firefox in a new language, you should read this :
> and no comment :-(
I thought I could at least translate it for Ubuntu given that I'll have 
to wait an answer from them for ages I think, I'll wait.

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