Failed import

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Fri Nov 30 14:49:28 GMT 2007

David Planella wrote:

> is there any way to find out why an import failed?
> I uploaded a timer-applet translation at
> and it got marked as "Failed" on my import queue.
> However, I didn't receive any e-mail telling me about the reason (or
> that it failed at all), and Launchpad does not seem to offer more
> information either.

We've had some teething problems with the big schema refactoring we 
rolled out last week, e.g. bug 165168, 165218.

Normally you should receive an email giving this information, but that 
may not happen if there is an internal error.  In that case we should 
still see an error message appear on our end, however, and we hope we've 
just about fixed these urgent problems.

Could you try again, and check that the import really goes to IMPORTED 

Thanks for a very thorough report, by the way!


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