Gutsy translations now open!

Jannick Kuhr jakuhr-linux at
Wed Jun 20 18:25:15 BST 2007

Am Dienstag, 12. Juni 2007 schrieb Matthew Revell:
> 2. The official repositories will feature daily language pack updates.
> Daily language pack updates
> ----------------------------
> Throughout Gutsy's development, the Ubuntu team aims to provide daily
> language pack updates through the official repositories. Gutsy users
> will receive these daily updates as standard.
> Daily updates will be a great way for Ubuntu translators to see their
> work in place almost straight away. Once Gutsy is released as Ubuntu
> 7.10, its official language pack updates will be sent once a month.


are there any recent langpacks atm? Even the "unofficial" ones have not been 
actualized for weeks...

Kind regards,

Jannick Kuhr

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