Ubuntu vs. Debian translations

Peter Mann Peter.Mann at tuke.sk
Tue Jan 23 05:37:21 GMT 2007

On Mon, Jan 22, 2007 at 09:15:25PM +0100, Sebastian Heinlein wrote:
> Both the upstream author (mvo) and the Debian package maintainer missed
> to import the latest translations into the source. I will send mvo a
> message or import the latest translation from Rosetta or do it myself.
> About Debian you should contact the maintainer.

every package should use any primary system for translation: Rosetta or
Pootle or svn/cvs or only http po download + wishlist bug report -
depending on author choice ... but every packager/maintainer and
translator should know about this translation system ... so every
translation is updated in upstream ...

and there is possibility to include distribution specific strings in
upstream - like e.g. Ubuntu related strings in debian-installer big po
file, which are never used in Debian, but strings are ready for Ubuntu
(and one translator can translate strings only once)

> You can export po files from Rosetta too. AFAIK access using a bzr repo
> is a long term goal of Rosetta.

yes, i know about exporting po files, i used export sometime - but why
is so hard to provide clean http access to po files (only for download) ???
are po files secret??? 

> > P.S. sorry for cross-posting, but we can (???) resolve many translations, 
> > so only some fuzzy strings will remain in both distributions ... or is
> > it the package maintainer problem? or upstream author?
> Sorry, I did not understand this.

i mean if maintainer can import all translations from Rosetta to Debian
... so untranslated Debian strings could be translated after import -
and maybe some fuzzy strings remain ... but better solution is
cooperation between upstream and maintainer and SOME translation backend
system ...


5o   Peter.Mann at tuke.sk

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