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I had already checked the notes in the po files, but sometimes they're not
very helpfull

I'll have to go crazy finding the official translators (thanks there's


On 8/20/07, Danilo Šegan <danilo at> wrote:
> Hi Mikel,
> On Thursday at 5:14, mikel paskual wrote:
> > It's a bit silly to redo the work some other has already done (although
> > correcting is good).
> Indeed, one of the problems we need to solve in Launchpad as well.
> > That happened to me with an app just a pair of days ago (now I'll have
> to battle
> > with the upstream translator, 'cause I really think I did better, but
> he's
> > the official one :p ).
> > is there any list with the  "package-->oficial_translators_group_list"
> > links?
> No, I think it's impossible to keep that data up-to-date.  It's best
> if you look at your local language resources, and someone might be
> doing that already.
> > if not, wouldn't it be great to have it in launchpad or, at least, in a
> > wiki?
> Launchpad does care about 'last-translator' field in PO files: if
> "official" translators have been noted with that in the past, they'll
> appear in the "Contributors" list in the PO file "overview" page (when
> you are at the translation form, click on "Overview" in the "Actions"
> portlet, which sits on the left side of the screen).
> Alternative is to download PO file from Launchpad, and see if there
> are any comments before the header which point at the upstream
> translator.
> If you are just starting a translation and someone might be starting
> it elsewhere, I guess it's impossible to track since we can't have
> everybody announce their intentions on Launchpad when they don't even
> announce it to their peers on mailing lists.
> Cheers,
> Danilo
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