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Danilo Šegan danilo at
Mon Aug 20 17:48:35 BST 2007

Hi Mikel,

On Thursday at 5:14, mikel paskual wrote:

> It's a bit silly to redo the work some other has already done (although
> correcting is good).

Indeed, one of the problems we need to solve in Launchpad as well.

> That happened to me with an app just a pair of days ago (now I'll have to battle
> with the upstream translator, 'cause I really think I did better, but he's
> the official one :p ).
> is there any list with the  "package-->oficial_translators_group_list"
> links?

No, I think it's impossible to keep that data up-to-date.  It's best
if you look at your local language resources, and someone might be
doing that already.

> if not, wouldn't it be great to have it in launchpad or, at least, in a
> wiki?

Launchpad does care about 'last-translator' field in PO files: if
"official" translators have been noted with that in the past, they'll
appear in the "Contributors" list in the PO file "overview" page (when
you are at the translation form, click on "Overview" in the "Actions"
portlet, which sits on the left side of the screen).

Alternative is to download PO file from Launchpad, and see if there
are any comments before the header which point at the upstream

If you are just starting a translation and someone might be starting
it elsewhere, I guess it's impossible to track since we can't have
everybody announce their intentions on Launchpad when they don't even
announce it to their peers on mailing lists.


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