Release notes for Launchpad roll-out 17 April 2007

Matthew Revell matthew.revell at
Fri Apr 20 16:59:45 BST 2007

Release 4108 17 April 2007 and release 1.83 4073 9 April 2007

Welcome to the first release report from the Launchpad team since the
launch of the 1.0 public beta!

We've made two roll-outs recently, with enhancements to each of
Launchpad's applications. In particular, translators will be pleased to
see several improvements to Launchpad Translations. We've prepared the
way for future new features and, based on your feedback, have fixed a
number of annoyances.

As always, we're keen to hear your ideas for how we can improve
Launchpad. Email feedback at

 * Email addresses displayed in the translation pages are now obfuscated
to avoid harvesting.
 * Importing a PO file into Rosetta will no longer fail if there are two
strings together in a single line.
 * When browsing through translations in a template, you now have access
to navigation links at the bottom of the page.
 * A list of untranslated strings per language is now available on the
per-language package overview page. This reduces confusion when viewing
only the coloured progress bars.
 * Additional information is now captured and displayed for each
language in Rosetta. 
   Additionally, a language search feature is now enabled at
 * Your preferred language, with an option to change it, is now
displayed on
 * Cached language translation exports are now available via a direct
link. This enables you to retrieve the exports without waiting;
upstreams can also automatically fetch the latest version.
 * Products can now indicate whether or not they use the Answer Tracker
as their official ticketing system.
 * It is now possible to target bugs to distro releases and product
series via the e-mail interface.
 * The Answer Tracker's URLs are now more consistently named.
 * We improved the format of blueprint dependency graphs by removing an
unnecessary border.
 * If you have multiple SSH keys, you'll no longer receive an error
message when you successfully log in to the Launchpad Code Hosting SFTP
 * The Launchpad Code Hosting SFTP server now displays a more useful
error message when authentication fails.
 * Build information was missing from the build pages in certain
situations. This problem is now fixed.
 * The Code page that lists Bazaar branch information received some
 * ShipIt is now ready to ship Feisty CDs.
 * The product series page now displays the status of syncs and the
freshness of imports.
 * We have refactored Soyuz's package upload system, making it easier
for us to implement new features and fix bugs.
 * Teams can now display group photos (mugshots).
 * It is now harder to harvest email addresses from the Jabber IDs in
user profiles.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please reply to this
mail or join us in #launchpad on
Matthew Revell - talk to me about Launchpad
mrevell in #launchpad,

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