All changes in translation don't come up in Feisty

Matthew East mdke at
Sat Apr 14 20:57:05 BST 2007

On Sat, 2007-04-14 at 22:50 +0300, Ari Torhamo wrote:
> Hi,
> I translated basic-commands in ubuntu-docs into Finnish some time ago.
> Later I made a few corrections for my translation. Now it seems that all
> of those corrections are not getting moved forward from Launchpad to
> Feisty. For example, I made a correction for the string (are they called
> strings?) number 3 on nineth of april, but it still hasn't been moved
> into the documentation. The changes I made have not disappeared, they
> just stay in Launchpad and can be seen next to the label "Current
> Finnish". 
> I wish my corrections would find their way into the final release - I
> would look like a better translator then :-)

I'm afraid not - I imported the last translations for ubuntu-docs on
about 7 April (as announced on this mailing list), which was already a
bit later than was allowed

We'll do some updates to the translations during the release cycle so
the translations you are doing now are not wasted.

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