Deadlines for ubuntu-docs translations

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Fri Apr 13 08:27:27 BST 2007

Hi Don, Matthew,

On April 4th, Don Scorgie wrote:

> The XML file in question is /usr/share/yelp/toc.xml
> If you open it, you'll notice none of the front page stuff is
> translated, but everything else is (<title> elements).
> Dunno what needs doing, but it should be the same as any other
> (e.g.) .desktop file update.

It's not the same for Ubuntu, since .desktop files are translated
based on PO/MO files at run-time.

Of course, this is just a partial solution to intltool language pack
usage, and why I didn't accept Takao's patch to intltool to allow
rebuilding just .desktop files: you've got to support everything else
in the same manner (with everything else being .xml, .schemas,
.server, and similar files; Ubuntu, I believe, already hacks in
support for .server files as well).

For those interested, see

Until a distribution decides to use this, you'll have to recompile
packages to include new translations in static files.


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