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Mon Oct 23 19:21:12 BST 2006

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* Robin Sonefors:
> tor 2006-10-19 klockan 12:49 +0200 skrev Krzysztof Lichota:
>> Matthew East napisał(a):
>>>>>> This is an Ubuntu mailing list. 
>>>>> So is there a kubuntu-translators list?
>>> No - this mailing list is for Ubuntu and Kubuntu. You were referring to
>>> an upstream use of entities, I was clarifying that my post referred to
>>> Ubuntu/Kubuntu, not upstream documentation.
> If I understand this correctly, Krzysztof needs to have 3 different ways
> to write Konqueror. The same "problem" should apply to kubuntu-docs, as
> well as ubuntu-docs (if we assume that konqueror isn't the only
> application that needs three forms). This should thus be a very real
> issue in the ubuntu documentation as well as in the KDE.

No - the policy of Ubuntu and Kubuntu documentation is NOT to use
entities for any string that could potentially have different forms of
translation. Any such string should be written in the normal way, and
therefore any entity used does not need to be translated.

NB, whether we actually have complied with that policy for this release
is another matter, but we've tried. There are some examples of us
failing to comply with that.

It seems that KDE upstream has a different policy, and they use entities
even for strings which could be translated. But that doesn't work with
our toolchain, and strikes me as a bad idea in any event. In the next
release we will go back to the system of expanding entities before the
translation stage, which is a better system.

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