Swedish translations in Ubuntu 6.10

Daniel Nylander po at danielnylander.se
Wed Nov 1 11:31:18 GMT 2006

Danilo Segan skrev:
> Hi Daniel,

Hi Danilo,

> Other translations should be under
> /usr/share/locale-langpack/sv/LC_MESSAGES.  Provided you installed
> the Swedish language pack.

Well, I mean during installation. There are no langpack directory for 
Swedish in the "live" environment.. only a few (dpkg,apt etc) in the 
normal sv/LC_MESSAGES directory.
Many other languages have populated locale directories.
Maybe Swedish has been downsized due to the fact that there are only 10 
million of us?

> I am not sure on this one, but maybe they are coming from a different
> gettext domain?

There seem to be strings coming from dpkg.. like "Preparing packagexx.."


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