Serious problems with missing translations!

Erdal Ronahi erdal.ronahi at
Mon Mar 13 23:29:13 GMT 2006


> > What about changes made via the interface? Will they override strings
> > that are published upstream?
> Yes, they have precedence, as they are another kind of "user uploads".

Yes, but this IS a problem. Imagine this scenario:

All Gnome packages are in GNOME, but a team does not use Rosetta as an
official tool. The team frequently updates the upstream translations.
These translations are not reflected in Rosetta.

At the same time other people translate using Rosetta. They are
newbies, playing around, have no contact with the official team, do
not adhere to standards. The official team does not even know of them.

What appears in Ubuntu will be the translations of the second group!
Not quite what we want, eh?

(Of course there are examples for the opposite, to fix one spelling
error is done quicker in Rosetta than going though the CVS)

> I found in malone that
> pretty much describes the problem.

That's right. At the moment I am doing the following to start a
translation: I look for a package using the search page or by looking
at another language. Then I change the URL to get to my language. Then
I change the distro in the URL (mostly Hoary) to Dapper or, if that
doesn't work, to Breezy. I have not found an easier way yet...


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