Angolan and Cape Verdean users

Matthew East mdke at
Sat Feb 18 11:17:59 GMT 2006

On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 12:45 -0500, Og Maciel wrote:
> Very interesting points brought up by all...  Matt, maybe now you
> understand a bit more about the causes of having separate locales for
> one root-language.

No, as I've maintained on the thread: it depends totally on which
languages we're talking about.

In cases where translators can speak the base language well, I still
think it helps to collaborate on the base language before working on the
dialect. For example, in the Italian group, there are many dialects, but
anyone who speaks Italian sufficiently well can contribute to the base
language first. Equally, I know there are Swiss French speakers who
contribute to the French base translations. As many have already pointed
out, merging a dialect in with the base language is never acceptable.

In cases where the variance is much larger, and speakers of the dialect
do not speak the root language, obviously that's not possible. Hence my
original question about how big the variance is.

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