What happens to translations when upstream is brought in

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Mon Aug 21 13:39:36 BST 2006

Op vr, 18-08-2006 te 11:21 +0200, schreef Matthias Urlichs:
> Me too ... except for two minor problems:
> - Sometimes we need to translate something differently, either because
>   the original string has changed due to an Ubuntu patch, or because
>   we disagree with Upstream on correct/consistent vocabulary -- or just
>   because the Upstream translation is wrong.

> - We need our translation in there *now*, not whenever Upstream decides
>   to release a new version with our translations in it (or not).
>   For many programs, translations will always lag behind the
>   native-language version. That's a fact of life; Rosetta will have to
>   accomodate that.

There must be a small, trusted team of Ubuntu translators who can
approve such changes/additions (some language teams implemented this
already, by kicking almost everybody out of the team), and they need
proper workflow tools in rosetta (which are almost completely absent
now, but Christian says Carlos is working on that).

Jan Claeys

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