What happens to translations when upstream is brought in

Krzysztof Lichota krzysiek at lichota.net
Wed Aug 16 17:28:20 BST 2006

Og Maciel napisał(a):
>> As many has said before: Rosetta lacks quality control and other control
>> mechanisms. I do not like the idea of having unexperienced translators
>> mocking around with my/others (quality controlled) translations and then
>> get higher precedence than mine. I spend many, many hours every day to
>> translate everything I can find (as a free service to the Swedish open
>> source community). That is the same thing as painting my house green and
>> then a kid comes by and paint it red, and I'm not allowed to change it!
> Well, you made your point very clear, and believe me when I say that I
> share it as well.  However, you have to give us, Rosetta translator
> and teams a bit more of credit, for we too take a lot of pride in what
> we do, and I for one thing don't consider the many hours I spend
> translating as "mocking around".  Once again, I strongly believe that
> we should all get together and piece together a plan for incorporating
> more disciplined and well-tested procedures and protocols from now on.

Well, from my experience (in Polish translations) the results are not
very good.
Not to mention the fact, that Rosetta still has the bug which _prevents_
fixing incorrect plural forms, so even these wrong translations cannot
be fixed (https://launchpad.net/products/rosetta/+bug/46982).

	Krzysztof Lichota (Polish KDE translation coordinator)

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