FireFox & Thunderbird

Арангел Ангов ufo at
Mon Sep 19 18:59:08 CDT 2005

Ljubisa Radovanovic напиша:
> Hi,

Hi Ljubisa,
> I work on Serbian translation for Breezy Badger.
> Can someone tell me what's plan is for Breezy Badger? Will be include OOo 2,
> Mozilla FireFox & Thunderbird 1.5, not a beta version?

The stable release of Breezy would most probably include stable versions 
of 2, Firefox and Thunderbird.
> Also, translation on Serbian for Mozilla FireFox & Thunderbird:
> Now, we have translation as a extension:
> How we can get official translated installation and how will be BB
> manipulate with translation for this too programs?

First thing we did after translating firefox and thunderbird into 
Macedonain was commiting the translations to the CVS at so 
the mozilla guys could make official builds. After that the Ubuntu guys 
only created a firefox-mk package that worked perfectly  when installing 
it on an English version of Firefox.

If you have the translations for the new ff and tb betas try to register 
and commit them asap cause I think that there's not much time left 
before the stable release of 1.5.

Good luck!


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