Translations (some/all?) weren't updated in 20051010?

Claude Paroz paroz at
Thu Oct 13 15:44:15 CDT 2005

Le jeudi 13 octobre 2005 à 10:40 +0200, Martin Pitt a écrit :
> Hi Timo!
> Timo Jyrinki [2005-10-12 10:34 +0300]:
> > Serpentine wasn't included in these 20051011 language packs pitti uploaded,
> > apparently because the Rosetta export he worked with was from Tuesday
> > morning, and the serpentine was uploaded to breezy's template only
> > a little after that. However, other translations are there now.
> Right, that was a race condition, but it was already far too late to
> build good langpacks; we could not wait any longer.
> These translations will be shipped in the next Breezy langpack update,
> though, so the effort is not lost.
> I intend to ship them in a month or so, depending on Rosetta progress.

About the next langpack update, we translators would really appreciate
if you could tell the ubuntu-translators list at least one week before
the release, so as we can check packages and tell our co-workers about

Many thanks.


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