Weird thing in update-notifier

Ricardo Pérez López ricpelo at
Wed Oct 12 05:40:02 CDT 2005

Hi all:

Until this Wednesday morning, update-notifier said "Mostrar
actualizaciones" in Spanish (which is the translation of "Show Updates")
when there is updates available.

But now, it shows "Show Updates" (in English).

This string is translated much time ago, and you can see it translated

But it seems like that translation was not inserted in the final
langpack upgrade.

But it was! If you look
at /usr/share/locale-langpack/es/LC_MESSAGES/,
you can see:

$ cd /usr/share/locale-langpack/es/LC_MESSAGES
$ strings | grep Mostrar
Mostrar notificaciones
Mostrar actualizaciones

The translations are there, but it doesn't works.

Any idea? Maybe a bugreport?



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