Translating Docteam documentation

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Sat Mar 26 08:05:37 CST 2005

Le samedi 26 mars 2005 à 03:03 +0100, Enrico Zini a écrit :

> C'est génial!  Merci bien!

De rien :)

> Please keep us (the docteam) posted: it's the first time one of our
> documents gets translated, so if there are rough spots we're happy to
> help.

We have po file for the about-ubuntu translation. What is the way to get
an xml file from it ?

I've tried with 
"xml2po -o fr/about-ubuntu.xml -p about-ubuntu.po about-ubuntu.xml",
where about-ubuntu.po is the complete po file and about-ubuntu.xml the
original document. 

A part of the translation are correct but there seems to be an issue for
the strings with xml elements, ie:

<subtitle>Welcome to Ubuntu Linux &distro-rev;: The &distro-version;

msgid "Welcome to Ubuntu Linux &distro-rev;: The &distro-version;
msgstr "Bienvenue sur Ubuntu Linux &distro-rev;: Version

<subtitle>Welcome to Ubuntu Linux : The Release.</subtitle>

Is there an xml2po option to use for that ?


Sebastien Bacher

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