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On Sun, 2005-06-19 at 21:44 -0600, Cam wrote:
> Hi,


> I'm looking for a way to contribute... i can code, but i just don't
> have a whole lot of time (and i'm not running unstable), so i'm
> thinking maybe translation would be the better way to go for me.  My
> native language is English, but i am fluent in Mandarin (Traditional
> characters, not simplified).  As far as computer terminology terms in
> chinese go, i am lacking, although i wouldn't think that it would be
> too difficult to learn... what's the best way to jump in and start
> helping w/ the translation process?

We don't have yet an Ubuntu team for that language. We can create it and
add you to it so you can start translating Ubuntu into Mandarin.

You should also talk with upstream projects like GNOME Translation team
so you coordinate with them your translation work.

Please, send us to rosetta at you launchpad login and we will
add the team for you.


> Thanks,
> Cameron Matheson

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