I want to help translate ubuntu into german language

Julian Turner julian.turner at gmx.de
Thu Jun 16 13:12:02 CDT 2005


Welcome! If you want to help, you should register with the
https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/ Ubuntu Launchpad, if you haven't already
done so. Rosetta, Ubuntu's translation framework, is in the Launchpad.
For those applications which are integrated with Rosetta, translation
works as you guessed: People just look for untranslated strings and
start working on them. The translation team members can approve those
For those apps which aren't (yet) integrated with Rosetta (which I think
affects KDE), it depends on the upstream maintainers how translations
are handled.

> Does someone out there have a project running that he would need help with?
I started working on the German translation of the Ubuntu Quick Guide
(Kurzeinführung). This is quite a big task and I always appreciate any

Wenn du ins Deutsche übersetzt, achte bitte besonders darauf, für
computerspezifische Wörter die übliche Übersetzung zu benutzen (und
nicht _irgendeine_ an sich korrekte), z.B. Dienst und nicht Dämon. Bitte
auch keine Deppen Leer Zeichen!

PS: I replied in English because I assume this information might also be
useful to other newcomers.



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