Translations questions

Matthew East matthew.east at
Sat Apr 16 23:07:42 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-04-16 at 19:44 -0300, Carlos Eduardo Pedroza Santiviago
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> Hi,
> I'm doing some translations through Rosetta to pt_BR, and i have some
> questions:
> 1. Is there any priority list of what needs to be translated? So we can
> apply our efforts in some packages first, like to ubuntu specific ones.
> 2. Where can i find the package which manages the gnome menus? I wanna
> translate "System->About Ubuntu", i tried gnome-panel but it's not there.

On this second point, we collected the translations for the aboutubuntu
document outside rosetta, as the system was not ready in time for the
release. For the next release we hope to have a better organised system.

There is a portugese translation, but you may not get it in pt_BR, I'm
not sure. Is there a large difference between pt and pt_BR? If not,
perhaps it would be best to concentrate on pt, where there is probably a
greater quantity of translations. If not, then ignore what i've said :)


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