Spanish Translations

Dafydd Harries daf at
Mon Oct 25 11:22:24 CDT 2004

Ar 23/10/2004 am 20:06, ysgrifennodd Pekka Aardvark:
> Greetings.
> Where should I start / Whom should I speak to translate whatever is
> needed into spanish?

The only advice I can give you (and anybody else who wants to get
started on translation) is this:

 - Find something in Ubuntu you would like to see translated, whether
   it's a program or a piece of documentation.

 - Try and find existing translators for your language. It helps a lot
   to discuss translations with other people.

Most translations that Ubuntu needs should actually go into Debian,
rather than Ubuntu, and upstream rather than Debian -- Ubuntu will
inherit any improvements that Debian makes and Debian will inherit any
changes that the upstream makes.

For example, if you have a translation for a GNOME program, it should
generally not go into Ubuntu or Debian but GNOME itself. When GNOME
makes a new release that includes the new translation, Debian and Ubuntu
(and anybody else who uses GNOME) will benefit from that work.

The exceptions are things which are specific to Debian and Ubuntu or
just Ubuntu. This might be something like a manual page which exists in
Debian and Ubuntu but not in upstream -- for example the Nautilus manual
page, or something which only exists in Ubuntu, such as the GNOME
Computer menu.


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