po Files?

Dafydd Harries daf at canonical.com
Fri Nov 19 13:01:49 CST 2004

Ar 14/11/2004 am 10:33, ysgrifennodd Dan Bo:
> I have just recently signed up for this list. I have
> assisted in Thai translations for Mandrake 7.0-7.2,
> LinuxTLE 5.5 (a Thai distro), eGroupware, and written
> little HowTos for Thais. My SO has translated large
> portions of Grokking the Gimp into Thai.

Sounds like you're pretty experienced. :)

> We would like to help with getting Thai into Hoary. I
> am already running the developer's unstable, updated
> daily, and have contacted Mr. Choke, of LinuxTLE (who
> runs the Thai Gnome Translation mailing list). I would
> like to know what Ubuntu specific files need to be
> translated.
> The universe repositories already contain most of the
> necessities for a Thai system, though the upgrade to
> X.org broke the "Thai System" package, which depends
> on xfree86. Please mail me a .po file to start working
> on for you.

If there is a problem with Thai support, please file a bug. Supporting
Thai, as well as all other languages, is very important to us. However,
we don't have any Thai developers so we need feedback from users like
you about how good the support is.

I wouldn't want to presume to choose something for you to translate, but
perhaps a system where it is easy to grab PO files from the web would be
something to consider.

Most of the things to be translated in Ubuntu are not Ubuntu-specific.


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