Finnish translation + Debian <-> Ubuntu

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Mon Nov 15 06:11:43 CST 2004

Dafydd Harries wrote:

>> that some parts have been translated into Swedish! Although Finland is 
>> a bi-lingual country, not everyone is good enough at Swedish to be 
>> able to understand those messages. This is something that needs 
>> fixing.
> I suggest you file bugs in the Ubuntu bug tracking system for the
> programs which have this problem. If you do this, please email the list
> with the numbers of the bugs you have filed. That way, people on the
> list who are interested can CC themselves to those bugs.

The bug ("sv" in /etc/environment, removing it fixes the wrong fallback
language) was recently introduced in Debian when someone just was too 
hasty making changes (it's easy to forget that Finnish has nothing to do
with Swedish, unlike Danish or Norwegian), and has since been fixed. 
Unfortunately the fix didn't make it to Warty.

This brings me to a point that is probably interesting to many: how well 
will translation-related changes in Debian be imported to Ubuntu? If 
something is fixed in Debian in say two months from now, will it get
in Hoary? I mean mainly the installer, which is Ubuntu-customized version
of debian-installer.

If translations from Debian-installer are done from time to time (and 
then search-replacing Debian with Ubuntu), is there some freeze for it?
I mean that at least in the case of Finnish, blindly replacing Debian
with Ubuntu is not enough because of different suffixes that might be
used with the words.


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