Announcing Rosetta

Martin Willemoes Hansen mwh at
Thu Dec 23 05:30:32 CST 2004

tir, 21 12 2004 kl. 18:21 +0100, skrev Carlos Perelló Marín:
> > Is there a way to translate the packages without using Rosetta? I mean
> > get the po files from some source and then do the translation in an
> > editor of my choice?
> Yes, you are able to download po files from Rosetta and then reimport
> them later without any problem.

Thats nice :o)

I guess I could also work directly with the packages.

Anyways for me it looks like rosetta is a tool to translate all kinds of
packages not only ubuntu packages, am I right?

What im looking for now is a way to translate the Trash applet and the
Computer menu, are these general packages or are they special ubuntu
How do I get to translate them?

Happy hacking!
Martin Willemoes Hansen

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