Comunidad Ubuntu de El Salvador[Ubuntu-sv] Resumen de Ubuntu-sv, Vol 3, Envío 5

David Ernesto Cruz Avalos decacross en
Dom Mar 16 20:11:27 GMT 2008

 Hi MR. Martinez, i understand u, but u can see that, we are Ubuntu TEAM, in
this case, we know the others distros" but, we comunicated all about UBUNTU.
because ubuntu is one of the most easy distros of GNU/LINUX, and the people
needs solutions,and the people needs an easy alternative.... but, you can
trust that we know others distros.

c u later. 0_o

El día 15/03/08, Rafael Martinez <rafaelhrt en> escribió:
> if you show just this stuff about ubuntu and GNU, I recommend  read more
> book of Linux. What really matter is generate  the  code and modify to used.
> Linux is one of the open code and it is the reason why is so famous us a
> lot of people help to develop. Is not just Ubunto sr. May I recommend use
> Slackware to make  more understandble Linux.
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