ppa:sugarteam/ppa seems to work for 10.04LTS

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Sun Oct 31 18:08:29 GMT 2010

David Farning wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 1:08 AM, Dipankar Patro <dipankar at seeta.in> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> After complaints from users, I have removed all the -0.90 (faulty) packages
>> from PPA.
>> I am starting a fresh with the newer versions of Sugar Packages.
>> * Previously I started with presence service but found to be stuck with
>> Dependency tree.
>> Now I am following the method mentioned below: (The method is based on a bit
>> of trial and errors to actually get all the packages in order).
>> - Started from the package on the root of Dependency tree. (Sugar, available
>> at PPA).
>> - Downloaded the source package from download.sugarlabs.org . (easy step)
>> - Cloned git repository of Jonas' Sugar debian package:
>> http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar.git (easy step)
>>   -- I needed a proper debian folder (and not to forget the updated one).
>> - Copied the debian folder from repo to the extracted source tarball. (easy
>> step)
>> - Changed the debian/control and control.in files to add the 'Conflicts' and
>> 'Replaces' fields. (new step)
>>   -- here is the paste of what I changed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/523095/
>>   -- NOTE: Check carefully for 'Conflicts' and 'Replaces' for all packages.
>> - Once done with above, updated the debian/changelog (using dch -i)  (very
>> easy)
>>   -- here is the paste.
>> - Built that package with 'debuild' command. Renamed .orig tarballs wherever
>> applicable.
>> - Checked all the packages for 'Conflicts'. If found, removed the package
>> from the system and then continued installing again.
>> - Unmet Dependencies found. (sugar-base, sugar-toolkit, etc)
>> Repeated process for the Dependencies.
>> I think we are getting close to the solution. The only part we need to be
>> careful of is the changelog, control and control.in files.
>> We also need a test PPA for full testing of the packages.
>> Rest I think is going well with the issue.
>> Regards,
>> Dipankar

As a test, I just now did a fresh install of 10.04 LTS (using a USB 
prepared with Ubuntu Usb Startup Disk Creator) to a 320GB external HD. 
Upgraded (135 pkgs) and then followed the instructions on the wiki's to 
add the ppa

  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sugarteam/ppa
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sugar-remix

On reboot, I got a USR with no activities. I then used a 2nd USB to 
drag-drop surf-115.xo and Browse-115w.xo into the journal


http://people.sugarlabs.org/Tgillard/Browse-115w.xo  (This is an experimental browse which seems to work in USR)

I then started surf and connected to ASLO to download IRC-5; 
terminal-31; record-79; read Etexts-21 and  they all work.

Tom Gilliard

> Yes, this sounds correct.
> The part that might 'feel' wrong is the fact the many of the
> dependencies are interrelated and some are circular.  You will not be
> able to make a nice checklist and work through the dependencies in a
> set order.  Instead, you will have to tug on lose strings a little bit
> at a time(by trial and error) until the knot comes undone.
> david
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